Friday, July 18, 2014

Some news

Hey everyone!

I'm so sorry, I was so absent those days... Now I'm here to give you some news! 

Now I'm finally in holiday ! School is finish and I have a lot of time to relax and enjoy the summer. I'm now spending the afternoon in my swimming pool! The weather is hot it's so perfect !

What are you doing this holiday? 

I'll try to post more during the holiday :)

Have a wonderful day! 
Xoxo Gaelle 

Friday, May 23, 2014


Hi everyone!

I've juste started my Pinterest account :

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Have a nice day

Xoxo Gaelle

Final exam and stress

Hi everyone!

Some of you are probably in the same case as me: Final exam are coming! It you haven't already done with it. And who says exam says stress...

We all have this little tips to be less stressful and to well revise and if you don't, here are mine:

  1. Take time to care of you

    Revisions are important but you need to take time for you. It's a very important point to destress! Go to the SPA, have a mani and a pedi or go to the hairdresser. It's important to always look and feel good. Don't do it everyday but just take time here and there to relax. You'll feel really better and you'll be ready for your revisions!

  2. Allow time for your revisions

    You know when your exams are planned so don't start your revisions the day before! You need time for your revisions so start them some weeks before the fatal date! You'll be less stressful if you have a lot of time to revise. Don't start too early either or you'll have forgotten everything at the exam. This go along with the next point:

  3. Plan your revisions

    Make a plan of your revisions. Don't revise everything at the same time or everything will be mixed in your head. For exemple, plan your revisions day by day. On Monday revise 2 branch, on Tuesday, 2 other etc... Everything will be clear and you'll remember everything better for your exams.

  4. Provide coffee, fruit juice or anything to wake up.

    You'll have to work hard and a lot so you'll probably be tired. So you'll need coffee or something like that to wake you up! And a coffee is always delicious! But don't forget to sleep or you'll fall asleep during your exam...

  5. Make summaries

    You can't learn everything so make summaries and put some important points for each branches on it. It'll be easier to revise this way! But be sure to put enough informations on your summaries!
I hope it'll help you. Good luck everyone for your exams! And after, you'l can relax!

Xoxo Gaelle

Monday, May 19, 2014

My Birthday!

Hi Everyone!

As you maybe know, I've celebrated my birthday those two last weekends. Yeah, one day is too short! I've turned 19! This is some pictures I wanted to share with you.

On Saturday 10, I celebrated my birthday with my family. It was so sunny for me!

On Sunday 11, I've been to a brunch in a wonderful hotel with my parents. Everything was so good and I've eaten too much! Their macarons was perfectly amazing!

Last Saturday, I've celebrated my birthday with my best friends! It was the best night of my life!!

This is just a little sketch for you! All those celebrations were amazing and I've had a lot of fun! So I thanks everyone who made my birthday so amazing.

Xoxo Gaelle


Hi everyone!

I know, I haven't post anything for a long time... I'm so sorry! But now I'm back and this is a new post about... Make-up! 

So this is all my favourite make-up I use everyday!

First, the fondation
My 2 favourtie ones are from Covergirl

They are fabulous! They match perfect with the skin and make you look natural. I recommend those two ones to you!

The second one I often use is the BB cream from Clinique

The BB cream is really simple to apply and so comfortable on your face.

For my concealer, I use de Instant Age Rewind from Gemey Maybelline

It's always so hard to hide your blue circles under the eyes so I've tried some different concealers and this one is the best I've found for the moment. So yeah, you should try.

The first one I use is the Powder Blush from Nyx

It exists in so much different colors so you have to find the one you prefer!
The Naked Flushed by Urban Decay is absolutely perfect! 

It combines the bronzer, the highlighter and the blush! I really love it! Actually, I'm obsessed with Urban Decay!

My favourite part... The Eyeshadow!

This is my absolute favourite Eyeshadow! I only use this one. It's the best naked eyeshadow I can recommend you!

With the eye shadow, I use the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion !

It fixes my eyeshadow and make it look better. It's a must!

The Mascara I use is the Rocket Volum from Gemey Maybelline

I sometimes change my mascara but this one stay one of my favourites.

So this is my make-up! And you, tell me! What's your favourite make-up?

Xoxo Gaelle

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Spring Wishlist 2014hompson Shift

Hi everybody!

This winter really seems endless and I'm waiting so badly for Spring! So maybe if I made a Spring Wishlist, Spring would come quickly! So this is my Spring Wishlist 2014:

5. Kiel James Patrick Vickers' Bow (1 / 2 / 3)
7. J. Crew Shorts (1 / 2)

What do you think about my Wishlist? And what's your wishlist for this Spring?

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Shopaholic Saturday

Hi everybody!

Yesterday was a big day for me! I went with my boyfriend to Ticino! It's the southest state of Switzerland, just next Italia. it's a very wonderful place! There are lakes, a big sun and I feel like in Italia. I've made 5 hours of train to go there! It was very long but it deserves the trip. But you should ask me, why did I go there?

There we can find the biggest outlet mall of Switzerland! It's really amazing! It's called Foxtown and me and my boyfriend really wanted to do some shopping there. It was amazing but I was a bit disappointed because I didn't find everything that I want to buy... But here is what I bought! (Sorry if I can't put the extact link, I don't always find the product on the website...)

Cable knite pullover from Ralph Lauren

Cable knite pullover from Ralph Lauren

Two pullover from Esprit

In still searching new dresses... If someone have any idea of where I could find pretty dresses tell me!